About Us

Executive Summary

SUPREME COURTS VOLLEYBALL is a full-service volleyball complex situated at 11 Buchanan Court in London, Ontario. There are currently no other sports facilities in the city of London that offers the kind of services SUPREME COURTS VOLLEYBALL covers. The keys to success for SUPREME COURTS VOLLEYBALL are our ability to market effectively, creating an unmatched “cool” atmosphere where people enjoy being, and partnering with the most qualified/certified and knowledgeable staff and companies to aid in the running of our programs and leagues.

Our Mission

Our mission is to present athletes of all ages with a superior service that allows them utilize their volleyball skills and maximize their potential of success in any game. Every athlete that attend our facility will have access to a great variety of tools like competitive volleyball, training, camps, clinics, competitive leagues, developmental leagues, private and small group lessons, etc. that will help them grow as players. Our goal is to create a culture of competitive and recreational volleyball geeks, weekend warriors or even serious volleyball players with the required level of stamina to match that generated by the most exiting leagues and tournaments.

Our Vision

It is our vision to become the point of reference for the indoor volleyball and other sports and leisure activities in the city of London. Supreme Courts Volleyball will serve the various organizations in Ontario devoted to promote sports at all levels; and is committed to share its resources with these organizations and all individuals in the community while promoting the benefits of participation in organized sports.

Our Philosophy

Fun, fun, fun… That’s our priority. However, to have fun volleyball has to be played seriously to be able to obtain the best of it. We are very serious about volleyball, which lead us to strongly believe that volleyball is more than a game. Teamwork, respect, knowing how to lose graciously, building inner strength and self-confidence are learned as ground lessons that any athlete will embrace for their life and will keep them strong even in moments of tough opposition.